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Callum Browne



Player type:U21 Gold Home town:Trowbridge Club:Westbury Players Snooker Club

Best snooker moment:

Highest break:83 Highest match break:83 Highest Cuestars break:81 Cuestars 100 breaks:0 Cuestars 50 breaks:6

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My notable achievements

Cuestars competitions won
U21 Gold Bournemouth Greenbaize Snooker Club 10-01-2016
U21 Silver Salisbury Snooker Club 06-10-2013
U21 Bronze The Academy Basingstoke 10-04-2011
U21 Bronze Chandlers Ford Snooker Club 06-02-2011
U21 Bronze Portsmouth Copnor Snooker Club 12-12-2010

Cuestars titles
U21 Bronze Rankings 2010/2011

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