Bronze Tour girl makes a 38

THE only girl on the Cuestars South of England Under-21 Bronze Tour is just two points away from earning promotion to Silver.

Chloe White (pictured) compiled a personal best 38 break in a Portsmouth summer league derby match for Copnor Cuestars against Gary Green from Copnor F. Copnor Section organiser Steve Toms said: “It was so pleasing to see her make this break as she has worked so hard in practice, routines and matches every week to get where she is today.  “I was pleased for her as, since taking over as the coach on a Sunday morning, I have seen a vast improvement in her ball striking, her continued effort to make breaks and her general attitude towards the game. And finally taking some of that hard work back onto the table in a proper match situation.  “Chloe is becoming a bright young player with a good attitude to the game and is a player to look out for.

Over the past year, she has grown in confidence and also become a very good matchplay player as her safety game is second to none.“ I hope that she can continue this form and take it into the new Cuestars season starting in September.” The 15-year-old, who made her Bronze Tour debut in December, 2014, ended last season ranked third and will be one of the favourites for the 2016/17 title

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