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The Levels

There are fourteen Academy levels, seven standard and seven advanced. Each level has innovative skills challenges, quizzes and routines to measure progress made.

Standard Levels are designed for the beginner through to the 30-50 break maker, Advanced Levels are for the 50 plus break maker.

A Screenshot of a Cuestars Academy Routine



PDF downloads of the Standard and Advanced Routines can be purchased below using PayPal for £4.99 each.

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Skills Challenges and Routines Scores
Screenshot of Standard Routines Scores

These scores are provided by World Snooker Qualified coaches using the Cuestars Academy.

Practice Challenges and Ratings

The Practice Challenges are available for all Cuestars players to use. They are split into Breakbuilding, Potting and Safety routines.

A PDF download of the Standard and Advanced Practice Challenges can be purchased below using PayPal for £4.99 each.
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A Screenshot of a Practice Challenge

Ratings are used so players can measure their progress and challenge themselves to improve their scores each time they go to the practice table. The maximum rating is 1000.

As with the Skills Challenges and Routines, the Ratings are split into Standard and Advanced.

Some Practice Challenges are deemed crossover routines, meaning they are suitable for both the up to and over 50 break maker.

Cuestars invites you to send in your Practice Challenges Routines scores to get a rating.

A Practice Challenges Ratings Screenshot
Red-Black Quizzes

Fun multiple choice quizzes to test snooker knowledge.