Bradley Jones ends Sean Harvey’s run

FORMER professional Bradley Jones has ended Sean Harvey’s unbeaten run on the Frames Sports Bar Championship Tour.

The 45-year-old from South Croydon pocketed £150 after an entertaining 3-2 victory over the rankings champion in the final of the seventh leg.

Jones took the opening frame with a run of 66 at the home of the competition sponsor in Coulsdon and doubled his advantage with a 99 that ended with an in-off on the yellow.

Harvey pulled one back with the day’s highest break of 106 and forced a decider on the black in the next.

Into the fifth frame and Surrey cueman Harvey sportingly called a foul on himself while at the table with a good chance to secure the match and Jones eventually won on the pink.

Harvey had won the five previous Championship Tour events that he had entered this season.

Meanwhile, women’s world number seven Emma Parker (Hornchurch) made her Cuestars debut but lost 3-1 in the first round to Premier Tour player Marco Dayao.

Dayao (Battersea Park) later made his highest Cuestars break of 85 in the fifth-frame decider against Labeeb Ahmed (Chessington) in the last-eight.

Dale Prout (Newbury) beat James Cullen (Walton-on-Thames) 2-0 in the Plate final.

The season’s biggest entry of 32 returned 26 breaks of 50 or more.

Greenbaize Snooker Club, Bournemouth, hosts the eighth and final leg on Sunday, March 29.

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LAST-32: Sean Harvey (71) 3-0 Raj Puri, Lewis Frampton 3-2 (68) Oliver Sykes, Connor Benzey (56) 3-0 Anthony Rice, Craig Marsh 3-1 Jonjo Sharkey, Marcos Dayao (53) 3-1 Emma Parker, David Rice 0-3 (57) Terry Burke, Labeeb Ahmed 3-0 Jack Smithers, Neil Winkworth 3-2 Steven Hughes, Dale Prout 0-3 Paul Bunyard, James Cullen (59) 2-3 Ronnie Blake, James Budd 3-0 Andy Bannan, Jake Fowler (51) 2-3 (66) Ollie Douglas, Jake Stewart 3-0 Andrew Seymour, Andy Darken 0-3 Elliot Weston, Rob Donohue 1-3 (53, 52) Bradley Jones, George Heatley 1-3 Jamie Wilson.

LAST-16: Sean Harvey 3-0 Lewis Frampton, Connor Benzey (58) 3-0 Craig Marsh, Marcos Dayao 3-2 (58) Terry Burke, Labeeb Ahmed (62) 3-0 Neil Winkworth, Paul Bunyard (53) 3-0 Ronnie Blake, James Budd 3-2 Ollie Douglas, Jake Stewart 3-0 Elliot Weston, Bradley Jones (84) 3-0 Jamie Wilson.

QUARTER-FINALS: Sean Harvey (80) 3-0 Connor Benzey, Marcos Dayao (85) 3-2 Labeeb Ahmed, Paul Bunyard 3-0 James Budd, Jake Stewart 2-3 (74) Bradley Jones.

SEMI-FINALS (£30): Sean Harvey (85) 3-0 Marcos Dayao, Paul Bunyard 0-3 Bradley Jones.

FINAL (£150/£75): Bradley Jones (99, 66) 3-2 (106) Sean Harvey.


LAST-16: Dale Prout 2-0 Raj Puri, Steven Hughes 0-2 (58) Emma Parker, George Heatley 2-0 David Rice, Jake Fowler 2-1 Anthony Rice, Andy Bannan 2-1 (58) Rob Donohue. Byes: Jack Smithers, James Cullen, Andy Darken.

QUARTER-FINALS: Dale Prout 2-0 Emma Parker, George Heatley 0-2 Jake Fowler, Andy Bannan 2-1 Jack Smithers, James Cullen 2-0 Andy Darken.

SEMI-FINALS: Dale Prout (65) 2-1 Jake Fowler, James Cullen (56) 2-1 Andy Bannan.

FINAL (£25/£10): Dale Prout 2-0 James Cullen.

Pictured, from left: Sean Harvey, Frames owner Tony Thompson, Bradley Jones.

Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)