Clark books play-off spot

SWINDON’S Richard Clark has booked a place in the Cuestars South of England Championship Tour play-off.

Clark’s first tournament win of the season, in the final leg of a series of eight across the South, lifted him eight places to seventh in the rankings.
He overcame Phil Wildman, who is based at Swindon’s 147 Snooker Club, 3-2 in the final at Jesters, Swindon.
Clark, who finished second in Group A behind Alex Dunkley (Stubbington SC), defeated Ryan Mears (Sovereign SC, Farnborough) 3-1 in the last-eight and Alex O’Donoghue (147 SC, Swindon) 3-2 in the semi-finals.
The South’s top cueman notched up 22 breaks of more than 50, including two centuries. Runner-up Wildman rattled in a 108 and Christian Chislett (Selsey RBL) added a 104.
In fact, Wildman scored eight of the half-centuries while champion Clark recorded just one.
Keiran O’Leary (Swindon) reached the semi-finals on his competition debut. The consistent O’Donoghue’s last-four exit was his best performance of the season.
The top-16 ranked players meet in a straight knockout for a £260 pot on Cuestars Finals Day at Jesters, Swindon, on June 6, in front of world No 26 Matthew Stevens.
Matt Wilson (Liberal Club, High Wycombe) 116 points; Neil Craycraft (147 SC, Swindon) 87; Ryan Mears (Sovereign SC, Farnborough) 82; Alex Dunkley (Stubbington SC) 69; Sebastian Worrall (Swindon SC) 63; Phil Wildman (147 SC, Swindon) 53; Richard Clark (Swindon SC) 51; Alex O’Donoghue (147 SC, Swindon) 47; Adam Nash (Woolston Cons) 43; Mike Finn (Woolston Cons) 36; Shane Castle (Chandler’s Ford SC) 34; Lewis Miles (Jesters SC, Swindon) 33; Drew Farminer (Woolston Cons) 32; Richard Somauroo (no club provided) 30; Christian Chislett (Selsey RBL) 29; Zack Richardson (Moulsecoomb Social Club) 29.
Phillip Wildman: 108, 92, 76, 74, 64, 63, 62, 54
Christian Chislett: 104, 59, 52
Alex Dunkley: 79, 55
Ryan Mears: 75, 51
Neil Craycraft: 71, 66, 62, 60
Drew Farminer: 60, 52
Richard Clark: 53
GROUP A: 1st, Alex Dunkley (Stubbington SC); 2nd, Richard Clark (Swindon SC); 3rd, Drew Farminer (Woolston Cons); 4th, Ollie Kendrick (Whitmore Reans Cons, Wolverhampton); 5th, Davis Hui (Churchills, Eastleigh).
GROUP B: 1st, Ryan Mears (Sovereign SC, Farnborough); 2nd, Keiran O’Leary (Swindon); 3rd, James Facey (Rileys, Cardiff); 4th, Trevor Thorn (Basingstoke Conservative Club); 5th, Wasim Khan (Uxbridge SC).
GROUP C: 1st, Phil Wildman (147 SC, Swindon); 2nd, Neil Craycraft (147 SC, Swindon); 3rd, Will Meharg (Chandler’s Ford); 4th, Christian Chislett (Selsey RBL); 5th, Alan Childs (Salisbury SC).
GROUP D: 1st, Alex O’Donoghue (147 SC, Swindon); 2nd, Lewis Miles (Jesters SC, Swindon); 3rd, Adam Nash (Woolston Cons); 4th, Chris Richards (Roath Labour Club, Cardiff).
QUARTER-FINALS (eight points): O’Leary beat Dunkley 3-2, Wildman beat Miles 3-2, O’Donoghue w/o Craycraft, Clark beat Mears 3-1.
SEMI-FINALS (12 points, £20): Wildman beat O’Leary 3-0, Clark beat O’Donoghue 3-2.
FINAL (25/18 points, £100/£55): Clark beat Wildman 3-2.