Joyce picks up £250 and a new high break in first Championship Tour win

MICKEY Joyce (pictured) pocketed £250 for claiming his first success on the Cuestars Championship Tour.

The 18-year-old from Basingstoke also knocked in his highest break in the opening leg of the new season at Chandlers Ford Snooker Club.

Joyce overcame Londoner Marcos Dayao 3-0 in the final to take an early lead in the race for the £500 first prize which will be awarded to the overall rankings winner of the seven-leg tour across central southern England.

It was in his first match of the day that the talented teenager laid down a marker by firing in his best competitive break of 104 against Phil Watson (Bishops Waltham).

And he added a 90 in his 3-0 last-four victory over Connor Benzey (Eastleigh).

Joyce was naturally delighted with his performance and took time out to thank the people closest to him for their support over his ten-year snooker career.

“It was a long old day,” he said. “I had some real tough battles and also some matches where I fizzed but I was happy with my scoring throughout the day.

“I just want to say a massive shout out to my mum and dad (Mel and Eamon) for supporting me so much throughout my snooker journey so far.

“Hopefully onwards and upwards for the (Under-21 Premier Development Tour in Coulsdon) next weekend and beyond.”

Home players Benzey and Oliver Sykes enjoyed a right old humdinger in their quarter-final match. Benzey made breaks of 59 and 50 in his 3-2 victory while Sykes contributed runs of 93 and 78.

James Budd (Fareham) made his first ever semi-final appearance on the Championship Tour. The 25-year-old’s fine run ended in a 3-1 defeat by Dayao.

Simon Bubb (London) collected £50 after beating Simon Dent (Shoreham-by-Sea) 2-1 in the final of the Plate, a separate competition for players losing their first match in the main event.

Joyce, an England international, made his Cuestars debut just before his eighth birthday on home tables at The Academy, Basingstoke. He won the Under-21 Bronze Tour championship in 2012/13 and the Silver Tour rankings title the following season.

There were 35 runners for the tournament that was sponsored by our Chandlers Ford SC member David Stewart to raise awareness of Sightsavers (, a charity that works to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote the rights of people with disabilities.

Fareham Snooker Club hosts the second leg of seven on Sunday, January 16.


PRELIM: Neil Herd 0-3 (64, 51) Connor Benzey, Ollie Douglas 3-0 Will Harrison, Mason Wilson 1-3 (58) Jason Pusser.

LAST-32: Connor Benzey 3-1 Ollie Douglas, Jason Pusser 3-1 Steven Hughes, Peter Ebbins 0-3 Oliver Sykes, David Rice 0-3 Steve Wheatland, Phil Watson 2-3 (104) Mickey Joyce, Cameron Holt 0-3 James Hawes, Adam Stacey 3-0 Jack Dady, Simon Dent 0-3 Steve Nevett, Lee Whaley (91) 2-3 James Budd, Shane Hatfield 0-3 Dhar Lilly, Daniel Hall 1-3 Jamie Malone, Steve Read 0-3 Ross Barker, Marcos Dayao 3-0 Simon Bubb, Dan Sykes 2-3 Ryan Hughes, Carl Davies 3-1 Neil Carroll, Austen Petty 0-3 Jamie Wilson.

LAST-16: Connor Benzey (59, 50) 3-2 (72) Jason Pusser, Oliver Sykes (60) 3-0 Steve Wheatland, Mickey Joyce 3-2 James Hawes, Adam Stacey 1-3 Steve Nevett, James Budd (57) 3-1 (54) Dhar Lilly, Jamie Malone 2-3 Ross Barker, Marcos Dayao 3-2 Ryan Hughes, Carl Davies (60) 3-0 Jamie Wilson.

QUARTER-FINALS: Connor Benzey (50, 59) 3-2 (93, 78) Oliver Sykes, Mickey Joyce 3-0 (51) Steve Nevett, James Budd (52) 3-1 Ross Barker, Marcos Dayao 3-2 Carl Davies.

SEMI-FINALS (£50): Mickey Joyce (90) 3-0 Connor Benzey, Marcos Dayao 3-1 James Budd.

FINAL (£250/£100): Mickey Joyce 3-0 Marcos Dayao.


LAST-16: Phil Watson 0-2 Cameron Holt, Jack Dady 2-0 Peter Ebbins, Simon Dent 2-0 Neil Carroll, Steven Hughes 2-0 Mason Wilson, Daniel Hall 1-2 Simon Bubb, Austen Petty 2-0 Neil Herd, Lee Whaley 2-1 Daniel Sykes, Steve Read 0-2 Shane Hatfield.

QUARTER-FINALS: Cameron Holt 1-2 Jack Dady, Simon Dent (61) 2-0 Steven Hughes, Simon Bubb 2-1 Austen Petty, Lee Whaley 2-0 Shane Hatfield.

SEMI-FINALS: Simon Dent 2-1 Jack Dady, Simon Bubb 2-0 Lee Whaley.

FINAL (£50/£25): Simon Bubb 2-1 Simon Dent.