Lilly clinches back-to-back wins

DHARMINDER Singh Lilly has landed back-to-back tournament successes on the Cuestars snooker circuit.

The Fareham-based cueist pocketed the £125 first prize after winning the seventh and final leg of the Championship Tour at Greenbaize Snooker Club, Bournemouth.

Lilly defeated the 2017/18 champion Mike Finn (Eastleigh) 3-2 in the last-four and the newly-crowned rankings winner Marcos Dayao (London) 3-0 in the final.

It was a second Cuestars success in eight days for the former IBSF World Masters champion.

The previous weekend, he won the seventh leg of the Seniors (40+) Tour at Woking Snooker Centre.

Jason Pusser (Bournemouth) knocked in the day’s highest break of 100 in his 2-0 plate semi-final victory over Daniel Hall (Swindon). Buoyed by making his first Cuestars century, Pusser went on to beat Stuart Chapman (Poole) by the same score in the final.


PRELIM: Liam O’Shea 2-3 Rikki Moore. .

LAST-16: Rikki Moore (67) 3-2 Jason Pusser, Riley Ellis 3-1 Daniel Hall, Adam Stacey 3-1 Steve Nevett, Marcos Dayao (52) 3-1 Sam Storey, James Budd 3-0 Stuart Chapman, Alex Greenham 1-3 (63, 50) Mike Finn, Jack Dady 3-1 Adam Nash, Chris Moulsdale 0-3 (60) Dharminder Lilly.

QUARTER-FINALS: Rikki Moore 3-0 Riley Ellis, Adam Stacey 1-3 Marcos Dayao, James Budd 1-3 Mike Finn, Jack Dady 1-3 (60, 50) Dharminder Lilly.

SEMI-FINALS (£25): Marcos Dayao (57) 3-2 Rikki Moore, Dharminder Lilly 3-2 Mike Finn.

FINAL (£125/£60): Dharminder Lilly 3-0 Marcos Dayao.


QUARTER-FINALS: Chris Moulsdale 3-0 Sam Storey, Adam Nash 1-2 Stuart Chapman, Liam O’Shea 0-2 Jason Pusser, Alex Greenham 1-2 Daniel Hall.
SEMI-FINALS: Stuart Chapman 2-1 Chris Moulsdale, Jason Pusser (100) 2-0 Daniel Hall.

FINAL (£20): Jason Pusser (59, 59) 2-0 Stuart Chapman.

Picture: Marcos Dayao (left) and Dharminder Lilly