Tim Dunkley – Eastleigh Performance Coach of the Year

Cuestars very own tournament director and press officer Tim Dunkley has been awarded the title of Performance Coach of the Year at the 2019 Eastleigh Sports Awards.

A World Snooker coach since 2007 Tim was nominated for the award by Chandlers Ford Snooker Club Owner Ray Copper. When asked about the nomination Ray commented….

”Chandlers Ford Snooker Club would not be the club it is without Tim. Yes, I am able to provide a venue and to facilitate the opportunities for the juniors, but, it is Tim that provides the technical expertise, motivation, dedication and organisation to enable the kids to both enjoy playing and also to develop their skills set.”

Due to the current social distancing restrictions in place the awards ceremony was held online with regular twitter updates advising of the night’s winners. Humble as ever Tim responded to the winners notification….

“Wow! I’ve never won an award before. Thanks. Can’t wait to get back to Chandlers Ford Snooker Club to see the kids.”

A man of routine Tim lives and breathes Snooker but especially Junior Snooker. Equally at home coaching a complete beginner or a National U21 Premier Tour player (of which Tim coaches 4) Tim devotes a massive amount of his time to individual coaching sessions as well as running multiple junior leagues.

I think it is fair to say that not only does Tim coach the youngsters but he also coaches the likes of myself and many others on being a snooker parent. He has been there and experienced it all with his own son Alex as well as seeing it all time and time again with numerous other young talented players. Snooker players experience many lows to get to the highs and Tim knows this better than anyone. I will never forget what he said to me once at the end of a good day for my own son Harry….

“Today has been exceptional and it shows what is possible when it all comes together. Just remember today the next time he can’t pot a ball”

Priceless advice……I am sure many of you reading this will agree.

I know that Tim will hate the fuss but the truth is this really is a well-deserved award. Players and parents alike have a massive amount of respect and admiration for Tim. Just by being near the table most player’s techniques will improve as they know they are being watched by the main man! The volume of congratulatory posts on Facebook show just how well thought of and valued Tim Dunkley is as both a snooker coach and friend.

Congratulations Tim from us all!

By Chris Wyatt