The adventures of Lawrence of New Zealand

NEW Zealand is the latest country to feature on the Cuestars App map.

Former Seniors Tour player Lawrence Millington has signed up Down Under.

And he has already put his cue to good use at the start of his new life at the other side of the world.

Lawrence reached the quarter-finals of the New Zealand Open in Bay of Plenty on the North Island.

He won three of his four best-of-seven group matches and eventually lost 5-3 to Deepak Bala, the country’s number two ranked player.

Reflecting on his exit from the three-day event, Lawrence told cuestars, “I missed a fairly easy brown to go 4-2 up so I have to class this as a missed opportunity to go deeper.”

He added that it was “a great event, really well organised and all taken very seriously with full snooker dress required, waistcoat, bow tie, etc”.

Lawrence explained that there are four competitions a year that contribute to a national ranking but, as a foreigner, he can only enter the two open tournaments for the next three years until he becomes a resident.

He has only been there three weeks and already he’s ranked number 97!

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Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)