Aristos Wins The Big Money Comp In Upton Park

A tournament that was a best of 5s and played 5 matches to claim the Big Upton Park title, Aristos only lost 3 frames throughout the whole tournament.

In round 1 he won 3-0 against Jordan giving him a 43 head start and Aristos went on to win the next match 3-1 where he found himself 50 points behind and finally got a chance to make a 55 break to win that frame and match.

In the quarters finals Pampouris had a tough match as he was faced to play Fedous who is a regular 50 breaker and Aristos was giving a 20 head start, he lost the first frame but then found a rhythm to then win 3 frames on the spin to be in the semi finals where he played Matt Simpson who was giving Aristos a 23 head start which was the first and only time Aristos was getting a head start in the tournament and won comfortably 3-0 to reach the final.

Aristos then had is hands full to give a 30 head start to Vlad Bilyanskyy who is a regular 60 breaker, Vlad won the first frame and looked to fly away with this title but Pocket Pampouris had other ideas as he was scoring 30 – 50 breaks in the next 3 frames to win 3-1. The Pocket received a beautiful trophy and £700