Cuestars launches a training app

CUESTARS has launched a training app which has already achieved remarkable results.

Developer John Hunter reckons – perhaps not surprisingly – that it’s the dog’s doodahs.

Hours and hours spent lovingly tweaking his creation has resulted in a simple but extremely useful method of structuring your practice routines as well as recording and measuring the results.

The app brings 30 years’ experience of running competitions and teaching snooker straight to your mobile phone.

John, a World Snooker coach, can’t guarantee that using the app will mean you instantly make tons for fun. But it did for him!

Players of a certain age, John included, may remember Labour MP Denis Howell being appointed drought minister during the summer of 1976. Ten days later the heavens opened.

Well.. forget the Rainmaker, step forward the Tonmaker.

John said: “Since using the Cuestars Academy App, this week I’ve made three centuries.

“And after encouraging an opponent to use it, he immediately made his highest break of 88.”

But let’s get into the detail.

There are seven levels of standard routines and seven levels of advanced routines, which take players from complete beginners up to and well past the century mark.

A set of practice challenges are split into break building, potting and safety.

Scores can be entered into a leaderboard and coaches can be set up to enter and manage their players’ results.

The app also includes entry into the popular Cuestars Fantasy Snooker League (won last season by professional Billy Castle) and some fantastic quizzes that cover the rules of the game to facts about professional players to how your game can be improved.

All this for just £5 a season. Why not register today and get started?

Picture: Professional Billy Castle collects £100 prize money for winning the 2018/19 Fantasy Snooker League.

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Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)