Black-ball win takes Jesters A top

SWINDON Jesters A regained top spot in the Cuestars Junior Section Team Challenge after a hard-fought victory on home tables.

With two tournaments to play, they lead defending champions Westbury A by a slender one point.
Liam O’Shea, Derrick Volante, Sam Weekes and Jodie Symes romped past their title-rivals 5-1 in the semi-finals of event four.
But the awesome foursome were pushed to the final black by Eastleigh Hustlers in the final.
With the score locked at 3-3, O’Shea was selected to play Hustlers’ Rob Henley in a tie-break.
But needing the last two colours, Henley over screwed the pink, in a bid to gain position on the black, and went in-off. O’Shea pounced on the chance to clinch victory.
It was Henley’s second tie-break frame of the day. In the semi-finals, the 15-year-old beat Sam Jefferson, from Jesters B.
Westbury A brought in Corrie Tallentire to replace Gary Wilkins. It was their first team change this season.
Meanwhile, Lee Roling, captain of Eastleigh Untouchables, forgot to take his cue to Swindon.
However, the 19-year-old managed to compile a half-century using a club cue AND lead his side to victory in the Plate competition.
Team driver Terry Bell said: “How can you go to a snooker comp and forget your cue?
“When we went to Salisbury, he forgot his shoes. We had to whip down to Matalan.
“He did alright with the club cue, anyway.”
In the Plate semi-finals, they thumped Swindon Jesters D 6-0. Ben Tanner made a 60 break, Liam Burnet a 55, Lee Bell a 38 and Roling a 54.
Burnet won a seventh-frame decider against Jesters C in the final.
Event five of six has been switched from Stoke Snooker Club, Gosport, to Jesters, Swindon, on Sunday, March 28.
Picture by Kevin Legg
QUARTER-FINALS (eight points): Swindon Jesters A beat Swindon Jesters D 5-1, Westbury A beat Eastleigh Untouchables 5-1, Eastleigh Hustlers beat Swindon Jesters C 4-2.
SEMI-FINALS (12 points): Swindon Jesters A beat Westbury A 5-1, Eastleigh Hustlers beat Swindon Jesters B 4-3.
FINAL (25/18 points): Swindon Jesters A beat Eastleigh Hustlers 4-3.
SEMI-FINALS (one point): Swindon Jesters C beat Swindon Jesters B 4-3, Eastleigh Untouchables beat Swindon Jesters D 6-0.
FINAL (five/three points): Eastleigh Untouchables beat Swindon Jesters C 4-3.
Eastleigh Untouchables: Lee Roling, Ben Tanner, Liam Burnet, Lee Bell
Eastleigh Hustlers: Matt Geer, Rob Henley, Bradley Hatch, James Thomas.
Swindon Jesters A: Liam O’Shea, Derrick Volante, Sam Weekes, Jodie Symes
Swindon Jesters B: Dom Burtenshaw, Joshua Lee, Sam Jefferson, Joe Moon.
Swindon Jesters C: Jamie Perry, Troy Bodmin, Mathew Bellinger, Dwaine Leiblich.
Swindon Jesters D: Oliver Parsons, Daniel Hall, Kieran Gibbs, Connor Flanagan.
Westbury A: Daniel Tallentire, Daniel Winfield, Corrie Tallentire, Jake White.