Caden beats Channel Islander in Plate final

CADEN Read won the Plate competition during the Pitman Training-sponsored tenth legs of the Cuestars Under-21 Gold, Silver and Bronze Tours on home tables at Chandlers Ford Snooker Club.

The left-hander, who recently claimed the Easter Cup, beat Channel Islander Archie Greier in the final.

Greier had increased his highest break to 25 in the Eastleigh & District Under-19 League the previous day.

A total of 20 players out of the massive entry of 53 entered the competition for non-qualifiers.

Next up is the Cuestars Under-21 Gold, Silver and Bronze Championships with guest professional Joe Perry at Jesters Snooker Club, Swindon, on Sunday, May 21.

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Chester Chan: 24.


PRELIMS: Ryan Collins (Waterlooville Sports Bar) beat Alfie Wyatt (Waterlooville Sports Bar), Caden Read (Chandlers Ford SC) beat Charlie Ings (Salisbury SC), Chester Chan (Chandlers Ford SC) beat Domenico Nappi (Castle SC, Brighton), Brett Knight (Castle SC, Brighton) beat Yousuf Matib (Hurricane Room, Kings Cross).

LAST-16: Read beat Collins, Chris Bennett (Chandlers Ford SC) beat Chan, Alex Evans (Castle SC, Brighton) beat Matthew Jameson (Castle SC, Brighton), Zac Perrie (Castle SC, Brighton) beat Knight, Archie Greier (First Tower SC, Jersey) beat Harry Stone (Chandlers Ford SC), Dylan Denieffe (London Snooker Tooting) beat Danny O’Neill (Castle SC, Brighton), Oliver Li (Castle SC, Brighton) beat Oliver Donnelly (Surrey Snooker Academy), John Donovan (Cousins, London) beat Louie Ayling (Castle SC, Brighton).

QUARTER-FINALS: Read beat Bennett, Perrie beat Evans, Greier beat D Denieffe, Li beat Donovan.

SEMI-FINALS: Read beat Perrie, Greier beat Li.

FINAL: Read beat Greier.

Picture: Archie Greier (left) and Caden Read