Mears survives semi-final scare to triumph at Chandler’s Ford

RYAN Mears survived a semi-final scare to take the honours in the Cuestars Under-21 Premier Series at Chandler’s Ford SC.

The 19-year-old from Aldershot defeated home player Daniel Woods 3-0 in the final after dropping just two frames in five round-robin games.

But it was the two dramatic semi-final matches that lit up the second of the eight-tournament series across the South of England.

Ten-year-old England under-14 international Shane Castle (C/Ford), runner-up in his group, stunned Mears by taking the first two frames and knocking in six red and blacks in the third. Mears won 3-2.

In the second semi, 17-year-old Woods led 2-0 against England under-16 international Billy Castle (C/Ford). Castle stormed back to level but Woods took the decider.

Woods joins event-one winner Ollie Tydeman in first place with Mears five points behind

BREAKS: Ryan Mears 75, 61, 50. Billy Castle 65. Jordan Winbourne 63.


ROUND ROBIN Group A: Ryan Mears (Aldershot) 2 James Bolton (Salisbury) 1, Mears 3 Will McMullin (Gloucester) 0, Mears 2 Daniel Bentley (Eastleigh) 1, Mears 3 Daniel Woods (C/Ford) 0, Mears 3 Jordan Winbourne (C/Ford) 0, Bolton 2 McMullin 1, Bolton 3 Bentley 0, Bolton 0 Woods 3, Bolton 0 Winbourne 3, McMullin 2 Bentley 1, McMullin 1 Woods 2, McMullin 3 Winbourne 0, Bentley 1 Woods 2, Bentley 1 Winbourne 2, Woods 2 Winbourne 1.

ROUND ROBIN Group A: Shane Castle (C/Ford) 2 Ollie Tydeman (C/Ford) 1, Shane Castle 1 Billy Castle (C/Ford) 2, Shane Castle 2 Joshua Fryer (Salisbury) 1, Shane Castle 2 Liam Tinne (Salisbury) 1, Tydeman 2 Billy Castle 1, Tydeman 2 Fryer 1, Tydeman 0 Tinne 3, Billy Castle 3 Fryer 0, Billy Castle 2 Tinne 1, Fryer 1 Tinne 2.

SEMI-FINALS: Mears 3 Shane Castle 2, Billy Castle 2 Daniel Woods 3.

FINAL: Woods 0 Mears 3.

That’ll do nice-Lee

LEE Roling dropped just two frames to claim the Cuestars Under-21 Open at Chandler’s Ford SC.

The 17-year-old from The Academy, Eastleigh, beat Swindon semi-finalist Luke Haines (Cardiff) 3-0 in the final.

Roling and Haines are joint top in the rankings after two of the eight events.


LAST 16 (five points): Daniel Tallentire (Trowbridge) 3 Sam Jefferson (Swindon) 0, Dean Freeman (Stoke, Gosport) 2 Ryan Burdett (Salisbury) 3, Luke Haines (Cardiff) 3 Carl Sidey (Basingstoke) 0, Lee Roling (Eastleigh) 3 Scott Carpenter (Bournemouth) 1, Ben Tanner (Eastleigh) 1 John Smith (Eastleigh) 3, Jake White (Trowbridge) 3 Matthew Guy (Gloucester) 2, Andrew Mayell (Trowbridge) 1 Lee Warner (Stoke, Gosport) 3,

QUARTER-FINALS (eight points): Liam O’Shea (Swindon) 0 Tallentire 3, Burdett 2 Haines 3, Roling 3 Smith 1, White 2 Warner 3.

SEMI-FINALS (12 points): Tallentire 0 Haines 3, Roling 3 Warner 0.

FINAL (25/18 points): Haines 0 Roling 3.


QUARTER-FINALS: Mayell 2 Jefferson 0, Guy 2 O’Shea 1, Tanner 1 Sidey 2, Carpenter beat Freeman.

SEMI-FINALS (one point): Mayell 1 Guy 2, Sidey 2 Carpenter 0.

FINAL (five/three points): Guy 0 Sidey 2.

Second final for Bradley Chappell

A BEATEN finalist in Swindon last month, Bournemouth’s Bradley Chappell went one better in the second Cuestars Under-15 event at The Academy in Eastleigh.

A 2-0 victory over Sam Streames in the final took the Green Baize cueist to top spot in the rankings.

Daniel Winfield (Trowbridge) beat his highest break by one in the Plate final. He chalked up a 33 in a 2-0 victory over local lad Liam Burnet.

In his first tournament, 14-year-old Joe Cooper (Eastleigh), who only started playing a couple of months ago, posted a new high break of 19 in a 2-0 first-round defeat by Jack Dady (Basingstoke).


LAST 32 (three points): Cameron Russell (Swindon) 2 Shane Sheehan (Reading) 1, Nat Day (Reading) 1 Bradley Chappell (Bournemouth) 2, Gary Bagshaw (Basingstoke) 0 Connor Probets (Swindon) 2, Rob Henley (Eastleigh) 2 Josh Hickman (Eastleigh) 0, Daniel Winfield (Trowbridge) 1 Lee Bell (Eastleigh) 2, Thomas Hilborne (Trowbridge) 2 Paul Ives (High Wycombe) 0.

LAST 16 (five points): Russell 0 Chappell 2, Jack Dady (Basingstoke) 2 Joe Cooper (Eastleigh) 0, Michael Clifford (Gloucester) beat Jodie Symes (Swindon), Probets 2 Henley 1, Matt Geer (Eastleigh) 2 Liam Burnet (Eastleigh) 0, Sam Streames (Yate) 2 Bradley Hatch (Eastleigh) 1, Bell beat Hilborne, Kieron Hall (Gloucester) 2 Joe Moon (Swindon) 1.

QUARTER-FINALS (eight points): Chappell beat Dady, Clifford 1 Probets 2, Geer 0 Streames 2, Bell 1 Hall 2.

SEMI-FINALS (12 points): Chappell 2 Probets 0, Streames 2 Hall 1.

FINAL (25/18 points): Chappell 2 Streames 0.


LAST 16: Bagshaw 0 Burnet 1, Winfield beat Cooper, Day beat Ives.

QUARTER-FINALS: Burnet beat Hatch, Moon beat Hickman, Winfield beat Sheehan, Day beat Symes.

SEMI-FINALS (one point): Burnet beat Moon, Winfield beat Day.

FINAL (five/three points): Burnet 0 Winfield 2.

First tournament win for Joshua Lee

JOSHUA Lee has claimed a first ever Cuestars Under-12 winners trophy.

The Swindon youngster, playing in his tenth event, clinched a 2-0 victory over Gosport’s Mark Lloyd with a 22 clearance in the final at The Academy, Eastleigh.

Lee climbed to second behind club-mate Jamie Perry

Receiving his 13th trophy, Thyas Evans (Trowbridge) beat Oliver Hilborne 2-1 in the Plate final.


QUARTER-FINALS (eight points): Oliver Parsons (Swindon) 2 Jamie Perry (Swindon) 1, Cameron Holt (Reading) 0 Joshua Lee (Swindon) 2, Oliver Hilborne (Trowbridge) 1 Mark Lloyd (Stoke, Gosport) 2, Thyas Evans (Trowbridge) 1 James Thomas (Eastleigh) 2.

SEMI-FINALS (12 points): Parsons 1 Lee 2, Lloyd 2 Thomas 0.

FINAL (25/18 points): Lee 2 Lloyd 0.


SEMI-FINALS (one point): Evans 1 Holt 0, Perry 0 Hilborne 1.

FINAL (five/three points): Evans 2 Hilborne 1.

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