Powerpot Men impressed with the new generation

ENGLAND internationals Ben Harrison (pictured) and Billy Castle were impressed with the current crop of Cuestars champions.

The former Cuestars juniors, dubbed the Powerpot Men, presented the trophies and played exhibition frames against prize winners during finals day at Jesters Snooker Hall, Swindon.

Harrison, fresh from Q School, picked out Silver Tour rankings winner Mickey Joyce.

“He’s only 11!” he said. “He’s very good. I was impressed with him.

“And (Gold champion) Mark Lloyd hits the ball really sweet. There are some really good players.”

Castle added: “There’s some good players, especially Mickey Joyce and (Bronze rankings winner) Luke Beebe. Mark Lloyd looks a very good player.

“The one that won Bronze (Ollie Gibbs), every time I looked over he was potting balls. He looks like he’ll be a good player.”

Harrison and Castle, who are now both knocking on the door of the professional circuit, said they “enjoyed” their second year as special guests.

“It’s good fun,” said Harrison. “I really enjoy it, seeing the different types of style.

“I played in all the age groups. It’s weird how old we feel.”

Report and picture by Tim Dunkley.