Videos available of Cuestars players

THEY say a picture paints a thousand words. In that case, what price a video?

Many of you will have seen Heather Hughes filming during Cuestars under-21 events this season. Now she can reveal what she’s been up to.

Heather is currently sorting out the film footage by player and will be putting them on her website,, in the folder ’Snooker Stars!’ in the Client Area section.

You can see a few samples there already, including highlights of one of the under-21 players in their match against Robert Milkins during finals day at Jesters Snooker Club, Swindon, as well as a compilation video of O’Shay Scott taken over more than one tournament. See O’Shay Scott movie

If you register via the site to show you’d like to be updated when new content is added, Heather will prioritise which videos to work on.

On the site, videos will be watermarked but these will be removed on any footage you decide to buy. Prices will depend on the number and length of the clips, music overlay, etc.

Heather has a couple of questions for the players and their parents. Please email her on [email protected] or leave a comment on the Cuestars Facebook page.

Do you want her client area to be password-protected?

Are you interested in seeing clips from your matches with Robert Milkins?

If so, do you want the whole match, with Robert’s and your shots, even when shots are missed?

Or highlights of your shots only with a couple of clips showing you’re in a match with Robert Milkins?

Heather would love parents and players to follow her on Facebook and Instagram on @lightninginabottleproductions and to let her have feedback.

Are players interested in having films of their matches? If not, is there something she could do that would change your minds?

Heather Hughes