‘Miss’ rule on the Championship Tour

CUESTARS has amended its competition day rules to improve the use of the ‘miss’ rule at Championship Tour events.

The next text reads:

The ‘miss’ rule will be used at all Championship Tour events. In the interests of fair play – when there is no qualified referee – the striker must agree that he/she didn’t make an attempt “to the best of his/her ability” for his/her opponent’s ‘miss’ call to stand. If the striker does not agree, there will be no discussion and the tournament organisers will not be requested to settle any disputes.

New competition day rules are now on the website.

The ‘miss’ rule was introduced to deter players, for example, from playing a harder escape if it leaves the balls safe.

It was not introduced to penalise players who can’t get out of snookers.

It was not introduced to enable a fiendishly difficult snooker to yield 30-40 points.

Players of Championship Tour standard know when they could have made a better attempt to hit the ball on. And they also know when they have made an honest attempt to the best of their ability to hit the ball.

We are all proud of the fact that snooker is a gentlemen’s game. We abide by the strict etiquette, we always own up to fouls, we never cheat, we respect our opponents and we do not seek to gain an unfair advantage.

Players are encouraged to read the full text of the ‘miss’ rule by going to www.wpbsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/official-rules-of-the-game.pdf.

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Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)