Cuestars tours expanding

CUESTARS is expanding all five tours next season.

There will be ten Under-21 Gold, Silver and Bronze events, eight Championship and eight Seniors (40+). To accommodate this, the 2016/17 season will start a month earlier – in September.

Only the top two ranked players will be automatically promoted from Bronze to Silver and from Silver to Gold at the end of this season. Others may move up by virtue of passing the break threshold (40 for Silver and 60 for Gold) and some may wish to voluntarily compete at a higher level.

One big change is that only breaks made in some kind of organised competition will determine which tour a player will compete on. Breaks made in friendly or practice matches will not count but may be considered for new members who have not played in any, or many, leagues or tournaments before.

Cuestars will consider applications from current Gold and Silver members who wish to drop down a level because their competition breaks are not high enough.

Report by Tim Dunkley.