Christmas message: Cuestars will return

HOW many times has an adult told you how easy you youngsters have it nowadays? And then reeled off a list of things like telephone boxes, two television channels and ice on the inside of your bedroom window.

Now the boot is on the other foot. All the best stories originate from situations that were far from amusing at the time.

In years to come, you will be able to bounce your children or grandchildren on your knee and tell them about the horrors of 2020. Imagine: no school for months on end, being forced to stay indoors, not seeing your friends and – worst of all – the frustration of not being able to play snooker.

Things will change and things will improve. Cuestars wishes all players, parents, sponsors, club staff and supporters a merry Christmas a happy new year. Subject to the vaccine proving effective, the earliest we can resume tournaments will be in the spring. But life does need to be back to normal for that to happen.

Existing memberships will be carried over to the new season. In the meantime, have a go at the Big Fat Snooker Quiz. Every day, a new set of ten questions are uploaded. A total of 887 people have had a go so far.

Regarding practice, work through your routines, set yourself challenges and play friendly matches. We know it’s difficult to motivate yourself if no tournaments are happening. But, hey ho, that’s life.

Picture by Tim Dunkley