Lloyd makes first 147

ENGLAND’S former under-18 snooker champion Mark Lloyd has compiled his first maximum break.

The 17-year-old from Gosport made a 147 against his girlfriend, Chloe White, in a practice match at Stoke Snooker Club.

And he was delighted that Alan Beecher, his Gosport & Fareham Snooker League team captain, watched every shot.

Lloyd, who has been based at the club since the age of six, said: “I was so relieved.

“I’ve had opportunities in the past but I would get a kick or play a poor shot. But that’s what motivates you to be resilient and keep pushing.

“It’s just nice to add that to the achievements section within my snooker life after the disappointing results I’ve had recently.”

Lloyd, who is still seeking a sponsor to finance his national and international tournaments, admitted that Chloe “played a good break-off shot”.

But last season’s Cuestars Under-21 Gold Tour rankings winner fired in a long red and stunned off two cushions to land on the first of 15 blacks.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, though. He needed a couple of plants to keep the break going and was forced to send the cue-ball off both end cushions and a side cushion after sinking the last red into a middle pocket.

And, on 140, someone walked through the door when he was down on the final black.

Picture by Tim Dunkley

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Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)