What’s new in the Cuestars Academy?

WHAT have Ryan Mears, Bradley Cowdroy, Connor Benzey, Jamie Wilson and Oliver Sykes all got in common?

Yes, they’ve all made century breaks – at least in practice matches.

But the answer we were looking for is that all five have completed all ten levels of the Cuestars Academy, formerly known as the Cuestars Coaching Programme.

In fact, Oliver and Jamie have now gone back to the beginning and started again using their opposite hand.

You can check that your scores are up to date and where you are in the table at www.cuestars.co.uk/routines-scores.

The Cuestars Academy is a proven method of developing snooker players from complete beginners up to century break standard.

Now, a brand-new series of skills challenges has been added to complement the ten levels. These can be accessed by clicking on ‘Skills’ as opposed to ‘Routines’ on each level.

Scores can be found at www.cuestars.co.uk/skills-challenges-scores.

John Hunter is planning to train approved qualified coaches to input data directly.

In the meantime, scores can be submitted at www.cuestars.co.uk/submit-reportsphotos. Or hover over ‘ABOUT CUESTARS’ on the home page and select ‘Submit info/photos’ from the drop-down menu.

And you can have a go at the practice challenges and quizzes which can also be accessed via the drop-down menu when you hover over ‘ACADEMY’ on the home page.

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Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)