Howzat for a new Cuestars sponsor

CUESTARS was bowled over to hear the news that a cricket umpire is to sponsor four tournaments this season.

Terry Teeman, a member of Guildford CC, is a qualified and accredited ECB ACO (England and Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials) and stands in the Surrey Championship, the Surrey Women’s Cricket League and various county cup and schools competitions.

Perhaps we should also point out that last year Terry set up a website,, with the intention of supporting the most important key to the future of snooker: the grass-roots game.

Speaking from the heart, the 56-year-old revealed how his views have evolved over the years.

Terry said: “In my early years being involved in snooker, I think it’s fair to say that frustrations I had and expressed within the game may have meant I wasn’t everyone’s favourite person.”

But evoking memories of former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s apocryphal reply of “events, dear boy, events” to a question about his greatest challenges, Terry explained that events have changed his perspective on life.

He said: “Although I believe that I am already a competent snooker referee, I had always wanted to become a qualified snooker referee. Things happened in my life and I found myself becoming a qualified cricket umpire instead. Life can be very unpredictable.

“I now wish to simply support and encourage what I believe to be good in snooker and be positive about the game.

“Cuestars is a massive cornerstone in the grass-roots game and I am very proud to be sponsoring these tournaments. This sponsorship aligns completely with what I love about our great sport and therefore wish to support.”

A member of Woking Snooker Centre and a keen player, Terry has been involved in our game at various levels for many years.

He was, for a short time, doing media work for the English Association of Snooker and Billiards. He helped run the Q Zone at the Alexandra Palace when the Masters returned there. He also referees & plays in The Byfleet League.

Terry has also run many snooker tournaments over the years, including this year’s Woking Pro-Am and the inaugural Bob Mason Open. Details of these can be found on is sponsoring: Woking Under-21 Gold, Silver and Bronze Opens on February 18, Woking Masters Tour on March 13, Chandlers Ford Masters on April 17 and Waterlooville Championship Tour on May 5.

Picture: Terry Teeman handing Jasmine Bolsover (WWS tour player & Woking SC member & staff) the high-break prize at the recent Bob Mason Open.