Sykes collects £500 in first Joe Perry Super Series leg

OLIVER Sykes pocketed a whopping £500 for winning the first leg of the Cuestars Joe Perry Under-21 Super Series in Newbury.

The 18-year-old from Chandler’s Ford, who made three century breaks during the day, defeated Ronnie Sullivan (Chipstead) 3-0 in the final at The Crucible Sports & Social Club.

A key point of the match was Sykes clearing the colours to end a scrappy second frame.

Sullivan had knocked out reigning champion Aidan Murphy (Bristol) 3-0 in the last-four.

The overall rankings champion after the third and final leg at Waterlooville Sports Bar on Saturday, March 23, will receive a Q School place provided by Cuestars ambassador Joe Perry.

A total of 33 breaks of 50 or more were recorded by the high-quality field in the event sponsored by the host club.

Sykes leads the race for the series high-break prize of a pound a point sponsored by Michael Waring from His 123 in his semi-final victory over Evan Plummer (Coulsdon) was the highest of the day’s five centuries.

Cuestars Under-21 Gold Tour rankings leader Plummer made a 116 clearance against Simon Bubb (Ealing Common) in the last-eight. And O’Shay Scott (Eastleigh) contributed a 119 clearance in his round-robin group-stage victory over Noah Gartell (Isle of Wight).

As well as the Q School place and the high-break award, £960 in prize money is paid out at each event.

Frames Sports Bar, Coulsdon, hosts the second leg of three on Saturday, February 24.

To become a Cuestars member and be eligible to enter these events that carry extraordinary prizes, go to Membership Form, fill in your details and pay £10. It takes a couple of minutes. Each Super Series tournament costs £40.

To find out more about The Crucible Sports & Social Club in Newbury, go to Crucible Sports & Social Clubs.


Oliver Sykes: 123, 112, 107, 83, 77, 76, 67, 60, 59, 57, 54, 50.
O’Shay Scott: 119, 59.
Evan Plummer: 116, 94.
Aidan Murphy: 82, 68, 61, 59, 57, 57, 53, 51.
Brandon Nguyen: 69.
Westley Cooper: 63.
William Thomson: 62.
Will Forster: 59, 51.
Simon Bubb: 55, 51.
Ronnie Sullivan: 54, 50.


ROUND-ROBIN GROUP A: 1st, Aidan Murphy; 2nd, Simon Bubb; 3rd, Harry Wyatt; 4th, Ryan Spratt; 5th, Asten Sahota.

ROUND-ROBIN GROUP B: 1st, Oliver Sykes; 2nd, Will Forster; 3rd, John Donovan; 4th, Tom McEvoy; 5th, Lee Clayden.

ROUND-ROBIN GROUP C: 1st, Evan Plummer; 2nd, Dylan Smith; 3rd, William Thomson; 4th, Kaylan Patel; 5th, Zain Jeraj; 6th, Donnie Gola.

ROUND-ROBIN GROUP D: 1st, Ronnie Sullivan; 2nd, Westley Cooper; 3rd, O’Shay Scott; 4th, Brandon Nguyen; 5th, Riley Ellis; 6th, Noah Gartell.

QUARTER-FINALS (£30): Sykes 3-0 Cooper, Murphy 3-1 Smith, Plummer 3-1 Bubb, Sullivan 3-1 Forster.

SEMI-FINALS (£70): Sykes 3-1 Plummer, Sullivan 3-0 Murphy.

FINAL (£500/£200): Sykes 3-0 Sullivan.

Oliver Sykes picture by Tony Cannon