Practise like a champion with the Cuestars Snooker Academy

IT’S less than a week until snooker clubs re-open following a near five-month lockdown forced on us by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuestars is busy creating a shortened calendar for the 2020/21 season so it’s important that, from Monday, you prepare properly.

Knocking balls aimlessly around a table does nothing for your game. That’s why the Cuestars Snooker Academy was put together by John Hunter.

There are now nearly 200 practice routines to choose from. These cover break-building, potting, rest play, safety and shot making. Scores can be submitted to Cuestars Snooker Academy to measure progress

Cuestars has proved how important a good competition structure is. The most successful players have gone on to achieve regional, national and international honours.

For this reason, professional, Gold, Silver and Bronze practice challenges have now been added to the Cuestars Snooker Academy. This means if you beat a best score in practice, you can enter it on the practice challenges leaderboards to see how you compare with your competitors.

John said: “We all understand the importance of practice. However, spending hours and hours working on easy routines may make you feel good inside but it won’t progress your game very far.

“Get more value from your practice time by setting targets on challenging drills.”

It costs just £5 a season to join the Cuestars Snooker Academy. Go to on the Cuestars website.

Academy members who are current Cuestars competition members are given VIP access. This means they can create a profile, record their practice match scores and use practice sets provided by top amateur and professional players.

There is also now a Facebook group: