SnookerHub to sponsor Cuestars Masters Tour

NOT everyone who plays snooker is aiming to become a professional.

This is an important fact that Michael Waring reminds us of.

Michael, from the little village of Skinburness in Cumbria, started the SnookerHub website back in 2015 to help amateur snooker players find tournaments to enter.

But it’s now more than that.

“The main focus is for players to find tournaments but the site is growing all the time,” Michael told

“I want to be able to help players find clubs to play at, leagues to play in, a coach to help them improve and whatever else it is they need to help them to enjoy this great game.

“I don’t like to think that everyone who plays snooker is aiming at becoming a professional and there’s many players who come back to the game, or even start playing, in their later years.”

Already a well-established Cuestas sponsor, Michael has decided to extend his financial backing to include the whole of the Masters (55+) Tour.

Explaining this, he said: “I was disappointed when the EPSB decided not to hold the Over 55 Championship any more but happy to see that Cuestars are continuing, and looking to grow the event.

“There’s no reason why anyone should feel left out. Regardless of age, colour, gender, etc, anyone and everyone should be able to enjoy snooker – socially or competitively.

“I’m more than happy to do my bit to help. I’m proud to be a sponsor of Cuestars, who do a fantastic job, and I only wish the whole of the UK could have something similar.”

The Cuestars Master Tour is for players aged 55 or over. There are eight tournaments this season spread across four clubs: Salisbury SC, Woking SC, Chandlers Ford SC and The Crucible Sports and Social Club in Newbury. All events are played on Wednesdays and the format is round-robin followed by a knockout.

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